When in doubt, choose the heart.

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casteth out fear.

First Day in the “big girl class” for Miss Sassy Pants!
OMG. What is wrong with us? Who starts binge watching breaking bad two nights before they go to school? #justonemore #okayletsjustfinishtheseason
Chris: organizing his flies and watching #breakingbad with Mr. Big Bad Wolf.
Mb and her daddy enjoying her new bed from #ikea. $99! It may be a tad high though…#shesonlygettingtaller
This guy. Rocking his #buff and alma airedales state champs shirt. 💑
Rainbow with gummy bears on top! I promise we will brush really well,  @efourmy !  (at Frozen Tung)
Best thing I did all day.
Filled with gratitude as I write a thank you note to one of Mary Beth’s teachers, while watching moving doc about boys growing up in poverty, and taking in my surroundings which I count among my blessings. #weepy #mycuprunnethover #loveiswhatmatters @futuremrsmarciniak
#documentary of the night. #richhill